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Thursday, January 8, 2009


Mike Shinoda - Learn more about Linkin Park Emcee/Vocalist, Keyboardist and Guitarist Mike Shinoda

Full Name: Michael Kenji Shinoda
Age: 28
Date of Birth: 11th February 1977
Role in band: Keyboards, Beats + Samples, Guitar, Emcee, Vocals

Weapons of choice:
(on stage)
Audio Technica Wireless Mic
Ibanez guitars
PRS guitars
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier heads
Mesa Boogie cabinets

Digidesign Protools software & hardware
Anteres software
Waves software
Emagic hardware
Korg Triton keyboards
Roland keyboard modules
AKAI S-900 & MPC 2000 samplers
Baldwin pianos

Interesting Mike Shinoda Facts - Did you know?
Mike graduated from Art college in Pasadena and also majored in illustration.

Mike's first job was as a graphic designer.

Mike designed the cover for the Hybrid Theory cd and did alot of the designs for the Meteora and Reanimation booklets and Digipak sleeves.

Mike has known Brad Delson since the 7th grade.

Mike was the founder of Xero.

Mike supports the downloading of music and says that it stongly helped their fanbase (He often says at live shows 'If you don't have this song you can get it off the internet, just try Napster or something').

Mike designed the artwork for Styles of Beyond's CD "2000 Fold".

Mike produced The X-Ecutioners's CD "Built From Scratch".

Mike has produced 3 Linkin Park CD's - "Hybrid Theory EP," "Reanimation" and "Collision Course," and he often avoids questions about if he will produce future Linkin Park CD's.

Mike runs an imprint label known as "Machine Shop Recordings" (formally "The Shinoda Imprint") in which he helps produce and sign upcoming bands. Machine Shop is recognised as a very artist friendly record label, and all the bands signed to it appreciate the way it is run in their favour.

Chester Bennington - Learn more about Linkin Park Vocalist Chester Bennington

Full Name: Chester Charles Bennington
Age: 29
Dob: 20th March 1976
Role in band: Lead Vocals

Weapons of choice:
Audio Technica Wireless Mics
Hamer guitars
Yamaha SPX 990
Takamine guitars
DVS/Matix action figure steelo

Interesting Chester Bennington Facts - Did you know?
Chester graduated from Washington High School in 1994.

Chester has 12 tattoos:
1. Upper left arm - 'Picses' zodiac symbol.
2. Upper back - 6 arms spread out.
3. Lower back - The words 'Linkin Park' in old english style writing.
4. Left & Right side of back - Dragons.
5. Upper right arm - Coi fish.
6. Lower left leg - 'Hybrid Theory' soldier.
7+8. Lower left + right arms - Flames rising from wrists.
9. Lower right leg - Dragon.
10. Ring finger on left hand - engagement band.
11. Little finger on right hand - Birthstone in gold ring.
12. Right elbow - Unknown at present (appears to be some sort of skull).

Chester's first proper band was 'Grey Daze' which he joined in 1993.

Chester parted with Grey Daze a few years later due to mutual disagreements with other band members.

Chester joined Linkin Park in 1998.

Chester says that his career highlight was making the video for 'One Step Closer'.

Brad Delson - Learn more about Linkin Park Guitarist Brad Delson

Full Name: Bradford Delson
Age: 27
Dob: 1st December 1977
Role in band: Lead Guitar

Weapons of choice:
PRS Guitars
Ibanez Guitars
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier heads
Mesa Boogie cabinets
D'Addario strings (10XL)
TC Elecronic effects
Boss Pedal effects
D'Addario cables
Dunlop picks (.73)

Interesting Brad Delson Facts - Did you know?
Brad graduated from UCLA in 1994 with a Bachelor's degree in communications.

Brad was going to go to Law School but opted not to so that he could persue a career with the band.

Brad is Jewish.

Brad's first band was the Pricks, which he joined in 1994.

Brad used to call his Custon PRS guitar "satan".

Brad was also in a band called 'Relative Degree' (Which also feat. Rob Bourdon) but the band didn't go anywhere and split after 1 show.

Brad has never revealed his real reason for wearing headphones on stage and in the video's.

Joe Hahn - Learn more about Linkin Park DJ and Video Producer Joe Hahn

Full Name: Joseph Hahn
Age: 28
Dob: 15th March 1977
Role in band: Turntables, Samples, Beats + Sounds

Weapons of choice:
Vestax PDX-2000 Turntables
Rane TTM 54 DJ mixer
Emagic Logic Audio
Various effects
Shure M44-7 needles
Custom-made vinyl

Interesting Joe Hahn Facts - Did you know?
Joe graduated from Art college, and like Mike, he also majored in illustration.

Joe is the official video director of the band.

Joe came up with the concept for the 'One Step Closer' video.

Joe directed the video's for 'In The End', 'Crawling', 'Somewhere I Belong', 'Numb', 'From The Inside' and 'Breaking The Habit'.

Joe has an alter-ego called 'Remy' (The voice at the beginning of 'Fuse' and 'Cure For The Itch').

Joe did the the photography for Styles of Beyond's CD "2000 Fold".

Dave 'Phoenix' Farell - Learn more about Linkin Park Bassist Dave 'Phoenix' Farell

Full Name: David Michael Farrell
Age: 27
Dob: 8th February 1977
Role in band: Bass

Weapons of choice:
Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray basses
Ampeg SVT Classic heads
Ampeg SVT Classic cabinets
Dean Markley Blue Steel strings
Dunlop Picks (.88)
DBX 160 compressor
Monster cables
Sans Amp
Boss pedals
Whirlwind direct boxes
Shure wireless

Interesting Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell Facts - Did you know?
Phoenix graduated from UCLA.

In Phoenix's original band 'The Snax' he played guitar.

Phoenix later played bass for them and has stayed with it ever since.

Phoenix wishes he could play the drums.

Phoenix also plays the violin and the cello (he plays both on NTR\MSSION on the reanimation cd).

Biography: Rob Bourdon - Learn more about Linkin Park Drummer Rob Bourdon

Full Name: Robert Gregory Bourdon
Age: 25
Dob: 20th January 1979
Role in band: Drums

Weapons of choice:
Gretsch kit
Zildjian cymbals
Remo heads
Vater sticks
Rane headphone amp
Alesis DM-5 drum module
Shure E-1 in-ear monitors
D-drum trigger pads

Interesting Rob Bourdon Facts - Did you know?
Rob is Jewish.

Rob's previous day job was as a waiter.

Rob has been playing in bands since he was about 13 and his first major band was 'Relative Degree' with Brad Delson.

Rob likes to Surf when he gets the time.

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