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Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Album Math (2010 or 2011)

My post from a couple days ago seemed to get a lot of traffic out there on the web. It seemed that pushing a tentative date back further (tentatively) got the LP fanbase all riled up. But the 200+ comments and peripheral noise got me thinking: what does it all mean? I decided to figure it out. The most obvious way to create logic out of it? Algebra has always seemed very logical to me…

A lot of you seemed to want us to take our time in the studio, stressing that quality (Q) is more important than release date (D). Others disagreed, arguing that releasing sooner (D) should be put above the other (Q). Next, some argued that Linkin Park quality is multiplied by time (so time is “T”). Others argued time doesn’t affect the quality (no “T”). I guessed that the soonest this year we could get an album out would be March(3). The latest this year would be December(12)…So I believe that makes the equation:
Q(T)/D(12) = D(3)/Q

On the left, quantity and time over the latest possible 2010 release (12th month); on the right the soonest possible release (3, meaning March) over quantity times the LP quality”X” factor. What I really wanted to know was how much time you wanted us to take (T)

Balancing this equation out (and crossing the reoccurring variables)…you get T/12=3. That means T=36.

So it looks like you guys figured it out for us. What you’re telling us is that you want a new album out in December 2012. That gives us a ton of time. Thanks for the help, guys.


Response to Comment: LP album in 2010

Comment by Matthew (w/ many similar comments) – “theres a news article in mtv saying you guys pushed the release date back to the end of the year! i dont expect an album release for early 2011.. thats another four years. Thats a real bummer because you guys said you would try to release albums more faster”
Dear Matthew and others,
I appreciate your concern. I have two comments, to help give you some insight into our process. First, we don’t know when the album is coming out; we are recording constantly and doing everything we can to make a great record (ready for release in 2010). We have some new, special ideas for this release, and those ideas have delayed it slightly–but not into 2011.
Secondly, I said we’d “release music more often,” not “albums”…between the DBS record, “New Divide,” “Not Alone,” the tracks I’ve done with other artists (Metric, Lupe, Kenna, Cypress Hill, Apathy, etc.), the iPhone game and song, and any other unforeseen things that might happen before the album release, I think we’ve proven that statement to be very true.


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