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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Lost Children of Babylon (LCOB)

The Lost Children of Babylon (LCOB) are a Philadelphia based underground hip-hop group founded by Rasul Allahu in the mid-90s. They first appeared in 1996 on Jedi Mind Tricks "Amber Probe EP". The group is known for their conscious and spiritual style with lyrics influenced by Nuwaubian philosophy, Islam and The Nation of Gods and Earths. They are affiliated with: Jedi Mind Tricks, Killah Priest, Black Market Militia, The Maccabeez, Wu-Tang Killa Beez and the Sunz of Man. 
First appearance

The Lost Children of Babylon entered the hiphop-scene in 1996 with an appearance on Jedi Mind Tricks debut the Amber Probe EP. Where they appeared on the song "Communion: The Crop Circle Thesis". They also contributed with verses on four more songs on Jedi Mind Tricks The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological & Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness: "Chinese Water Torture", "The Three Immortals", "As It Was In The Beginning" and "Books of Blood: The Coming Of Tan".

Where Light Was Created: The Equidivium

Their first album was released on Seventh Cathedral Recordings in 2001. They debuted with a conscious style, with lyrics filled with Nuwaubian teachings of Dr. Malachi Z. York and different theories of the creation and destination of the human soul. This album is similar in style to Jedi Mind Tricks "Psycho-social LP".

Words From The Duat: The Book Of Anubis

For their second album, LCOB changed their name to "The Lost Children of Egypt" on request of Dr. Malachi Z. York. This name change reflects a concept change on the album, which is more focused on Egyptian philosophy and mythology.

The 911 Report: The Ultimate Conspiracy

LCOB's third album consists of 19 tracks about the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. The band became more political, choosing to proselytize about world politics rather than Egyptian mysticism. Some controversy occurs, since they condemn the terrorists, yet also George W. Bush and his administration for purportedly enabling the circumstances of 9/11. The album examines both theconspiracies about 9/11 and the facts of the event.
Their recent releases were put out on the internet called "Prelude To "The Appendices" (a promo to another upcoming album called "The Appendices: The Scroll Of Lost Tales"), "The Lost Tapes", and a prelude to the upcoming album "Zeitgeist: The Spirit Of The Age". Several members have also announced solo debuts to be released in a near future. Richard Raw has already released his first album entitled "My City, A Place Where Somebody Can Be Nobody" and several other mixtapes that were released on the internet.

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